Black Thorn At Durian

GEORGE TOWN: A durian shop at Jalan Macalister, which went viral on social media for selling three durians for almost RM1,000 (RM937), was slapped with a RM2,000 compound for displaying confusing price tags which were not written in Bahasa Malaysia. Many stalls declare that they sell Durian of the year 2012 - Black Thorn that have escalated the price of durian per kg to RM 40-RM 50. With this breed, many customer fears that they might be taken a ride on the durian seller as durian King is one of the limited provider that sells this breed, that is available in both of their branch in Bukit Bintang and also TTDI.
With its bright orange flesh and sweet, fragrant taste, D13 is a delicious sticky treat for those who enjoy less pungent flavours. It can be foreseen durian ioi that the price of Black Thorn will reduce to that of Mao Shan Wang when more farms are growing it, leading to an increased supply of it.

Following a complaint, we received about a shop selling three durians, namely Black Thorn, Ochee and D200 for almost RM1,000, an enforcement team went to the premises to investigate whether there were elements of profiteering,” he said in a press conference here.
The flowers are produced in three to thirty clusters together on large branches and directly on the trunk with each flower having a calyx ( sepals ) and five (rarely four or six) petals Durian trees have one or two flowering and fruiting periods per year, although the timing varies depending on the species, cultivars, and localities.

Get your fix for cheap with D13 durians priced at three for $10 or $5. If it's the premium stuff you're after, MSW durians are priced at $15 per kg, Golden Phoenix at $18 per kg and the rare Hulu King at $22 per kg. Beyond durian, you are also able to browse their wide array of other fresh fruits as well.
Also known as Ochee (meaning Black in Chinese) and Duri Hitam in Malay, this variety originates from Penang but has since been propagated with much desirability in other states. There's no better way to enjoy the King of Fruits than cracking open the thorny shell to reveal the bright yellow, fleshy fruit.
I am going to share with you some tips on identifying the Musang King and Black Thorn. Before the Mao Shan Wang breed surged in popularity, the most famous breed back in the '90s was the D24 durians. It has a star shaped pattern at the base like the Mao Shan Wang but it looks a little different as the centre of the star is empty (See photo).

His friend's trees were taken from a seed of a durian eaten in Thailand, but no one knows which durian or where. Black Thorn Durian also known as Ochee”. Around the same time, Mr. Leow was realizing that his Black Thorns had matured into something pretty special.
His oldest Black Thorn durian tree is now over 50 years old and was originally a kampung durian tree which he grafted 35 years ago with the Black Thorn clone; this is also the tree that has yielded award-winning fruit. Durian lovers, get straight to the Black Gold Cookie ($10.90) which features a charcoal pandan cookie filled with Mao Shan Wang lava.

He is also the person responsible for registering the vaunted (and now very expensive) Black Thorn clone in Malaysia. Extremely tender flesh with a bitter profile, the XO durian is special for its fermented taste. If your love for durians knows no boundaries, a trip to Four Seasons Durians Restaurant needs to be on your agenda.
And the export of these durians has become a booming business for Raub entrepreneurs, some of whom are now among Malaysia's wealthiest fruit farmers. The flesh of the Mao Shan Wang is a very characteristic deep buttery, flurorescent yellow colour and should have a very rich, sweet and sometimes bitter flavour.

Black Thorn became so popular till the extent that it had a waiting list every season, usually in late July or early August. The D24 Sultan used to be the most popular cultivar before it was dethroned by the Musang King. I love all durians and am not fussy about variety.

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