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After Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon, you could very well expect the most important coworking happening of Europe, the Coworking Europe conference , to finally land in Italy, and particularly in Milan, with the partnership of the city council. Impact Hub Milano (IHM) is a Coworking and Events Space, a Community and a Social Business Incubator part of a global network of about 90 spaces and 15.000 entrepreneurs and innovators who share the passion for projects and enterprises with a social, environmental or cultural impact.
FAMO COSE in fact not only has shared spaces for coworkers, but provides to his members many tools for their handiwork, such as: Plotter, 3D Printer & Scanner, Laser Paper Cutter, woodworking and carpentry tools, and many more, which can be use in Famo Cose's Lab.

If I managed to explain, that I thought tourism destinations and rural areas could profit from a new type of tourist” attracted by Coworking Spaces and that, vice versa, Coworking Spaces could profit from existing tourism in the areas they are located in, many people were skeptical.
Impact Hub Milano is the first Italian Impact Hub (born in 2009), a Coworking&Events Space and Social Business Incubator offering milano services, connections and inspiration to entrepreneurs who are developing innovative social, environmental and cultural startups.

We established our own coworking space three years ago in Newry and we now have a built a community of over twenty people who have their own businesses across a wide range of industries serving both the Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Global markets.
Moving up, the fifth floor is home to The Loft, a private space available for event hosting, while the second, third and fourth floors feature open plan workstations for Microsoft employees, with different areas designed for various different workflows.

In coworking spaces across Italy, freelancers and remote teams have the opportunity to engage in professional development training, attend panels and lectures, take part in networking events, and much more. Why choose Spaces Milan Turati. To find a coworking space in Italy, browse through our interactive map below.
13 floors play host to offices, coworking spaces, a library, meeting rooms and a café. The old idea of a still, unique office is shifting to different concepts of work spaces, often shared and temporary, likely distributed in different cities following business and Customer requirements.
Additionally, companies can earn further points if their overall business model can be shown to create positive social and environmental impact as well, qualifying the company for specific Impact Business Model points. The focus is on Milan, the core of the Italian knowledge-based, creative, digital, and sharing economy, and the city hosting the largest number of co-working spaces in Italy.

Studies Department of the Politecnico di Milano. Impact Hub Milan is also the point of reference in Milan for all those professionals, managers and creative individuals who view sustainability as an opportunity for growth and innovation. Buro offers three types of co-working spaces, a desk area in an open space for a mimimum of 6 month contract, a studio for a minimum of a year and a hot desk that can be used for a few hours to a few days.
Either they thought this was such an incredibly niche thing that it wasn't even worth thinking about or they simply thought it was a terrible idea for Coworking Spaces to target tourists. Situated in northern Italy, the Milan metropolitan area is a large, historic city that is home to over 1.35 million residents.

Name: IULM Innovation Lab Co-working Space. Over 268 thousand members work from the WeWork locations all over the world, and the affiliated companies span from startups to medium and large companies. Every floor has its own space stocked with a business-class printer, office supplies and a paper shredder.

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